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Minds with purpose is a digital platform where you can contact experts from different areas and receive personalized advice from anywhere, whenever you want.

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We are a community of professionals who we would like to support and give back to society. We firmly believe that the best way to do this is by helping others to progress.

Our Services

Express advice
Express advice

Contact the first available advisor for a quick 30 minute consultation on a specific topic.


Increase your personal skills through a coaching program that is tailored to your needs.


Develop your full potential, through knowledge transfer and learning, guided by a mentor.

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Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Through our platform, authenticating with Facebook or LinkedIn

Once you have logged into the platform, you will be able to search for your expert by selecting their skills, functions, experience and industry.

Services can be cancelled before the expert accepts your request. If the expert has already accepted your request and it is not possible for you to carry out with the session you can reschedule at another time, or in some cases select another expert, from the dashboard.

Payments are made via an external payment gateway called Stripe using your credit card.

At the end of the session you will be able to rate the session with your expert. Experts have also the opportunity to rate the sessions with clients.


It is not necessary to change your password since your account is linked to the application with which you decided to register, Linkedin or Facebook.

To cancel your account, go to your Settings and click “cancel account” You will see a message asking you to confirm the cancellation of the account.

You can edit any section of your profile, head to the 'Profile' menu and clicking on the Edit button.

To switch between your client and expert profile, you just have to close your session from the Settings -> Close session menu and then log in with the profile you want


Once you have registered as a client, with a basic profile, you will have the opportunity to select one of the three services available (express advice, mentoring, coaching).

By an specific search, selecting the required expert profile based on industry, function, competencies, experience.

Your only way of communication is via the Minds With Purpose platform, once the expert accepts your request, an appointment will be scheduled to have a session through the Minds With Purpose's video conferencing system.

Yes. The contract is given by accepting the terms and conditions.

Try to be the explicit in the information requested so that the expert can identify your need and evaluate whether he/she can be a good resource for you.


A prepayment is made on your credit card via Stripe when requesting the service and is fully charged when the expert accepts your request

The invoice will be sent to your email or it will be available on your dashboard.

Yes. The payment gateway (Stripe) accepts any credit card.


After you've completed your profile and availability, you can start receiving service requests based on customer needs.

Review the content we have developed for you, in preparation for your first session(s)

To send your payment from the services provided we use the Stripe platform. If this is not working in your country, we will make an electronic transfer

You can send us your questions, suggestions and comments to the following email address: