Minds With Purpose

Our Fees

We are a community of professionals that would like to support, and give back to society. We firmly believe that the best way to do so is by helping others progress. Our Experts are experienced professionals, with a longstanding career that are willing to offer their time to help other individuals succeed. They are also willing to give back to society and while they receive some earnings for their time, these have only a token value for them as the main intention is to support others more than making a living out of the requests they get from our platform. Minds With Purpose will donate 5% of its earnings to carefully selected charity institutions that are in need of additional resources. Also the Experts in our community will not only dedicate time to help others progress, they will also have the opportunity to donate part or of their income of the services they are providing through our community.

Reduced Fees

The times we are living in, are not similar to anything that we had in the past. We have realized that our network is full of knowledge and best practice that has the potential for others to get guidance, and new ideas, that can be developed, and implemented for the benefit our professionals, families, communities. This is why we have decided to initiate Minds with Purpose with a reduced fee concept to support professionals who are making decisions in today's challenging world.

Service Duration Client charge USD Expert receives 80% MWP Fee 20%
Express Advice 30 min $ 57.00 $ 45.60 % 11.40
Mentoring 60 min $ 107.00 $ 85.60 % 21.40
Coaching 60 min $ 107.00 $ 85.60 % 21.40